LEGO - Brick Pi

Nov 3, 2017 · 1 min read
LEGO - Brick Pi


A lot of children start playing LEGO when they are in elementary school. And a lot of high-school students continue playing LEGO with the famous set LEGO Mindstorms. But, what’s NEXT?

Due to the following reasons:

  • to directly start the imperative-style coding may be still a little tough for these adolescent professional LEGO players who have already been accustomed to graph-mode coding,
  • to adopt other robots while learn coding would be lack of assembling interest for these professional LEGO players. A better solution has been found by Brick Pi.

Brick Pi

Brick Pi has built up a bridge between LEGO and Raspberry Pi. Students now have a chance to enjoy both assembling a LEGO Mindstorms, as well as coding on a Raspberry Pi that controls the assembled robot.

Please refer to our students’ demos.

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